Upcoming collaborative video project in NYC

TIMESPECIFIC and CENTRAL BOOKING NYC are preparing the launch of the collaborative video A Choreography In Space And Time. “The artist creates a mask in order to face the world safely, yet also hides behind it, tentatively beginning to reach out and touch again through individual video recordings that become scenes for this collaborative film” which includes my first performance video (titled Hyphae) and photo series made in collaboration with UK artist Bev Hayes, during the pandemic.

Hyphae is about the elemental uncertainty of time, space and being. In this film we imagine a world  where all types of humans and nature forge their duality into a oneness, thereby living in harmony or mutualism. The transformation that happens to the space in the forest during the performance and experience of flow is a metaphor for transmutation and purification.

Movie title: Hyphae

Director/performer: Gaby Berglund Cardenas

Co-director/cinematographer: Bev Hayes

Shooting location/date: Sweden, July 2020

Gaby Berglund Cárdenas by Bev Hayes, 2020 © Bev Hayes/Gaby B. Cárdenas.

Curators: Maddy Rosenberg (Central Booking NYC) & Isolde Kille (Timespecific). Check updates on my “Press” page for the press release.