Balancing Pieces (JOURNAL PAGES: ON BALANCE series), woodcut and mixed media on textile, 300 x 250 cm, 2015

Take me out of the box, woodcut and balsa wood box, 20 x10 cm, 2015

The Artist in the box, mixed media (woodcut, balsa wood box), 12 x 20 cm, 2015. Private Collection Norway


Hang in there, mixed media (monotype, thread, handmade box), 2014. Private collection S. Korea.



The Mind Will Always Be Free, mixed media (Japanese ink, gouache, branches on Nepalese paper), 2014

No Mind (The Mind Will Always Be Free), mixed media (woodcut, calligraphy on Nepalese paper), 100 x 200 cm, 2014

Women and Freedom (THE MIND WILL ALWAYS BE FREE series), mixed media (ink drawings cut outs and stainless steel), 120 x 130 cm, 2014

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