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Series of handmade papers (from recycled Fabriano prints) collaged with original etching cut-outs, thread and watercolor.

Series of spit-bite aquatints, each printed in a limited edition of 5 on Fabriano paper, signed and numbered in pencil by the artist. Borders are about 5 cm.

About the series: For centuries Buddhist monks have used meditation to attain enlightenment and more recently, physicians have successfully employed meditation to treat pain, depression and anxiety. This series of etchings and installation explores different meditation forms (walking, sitting, standing, qigong, visualization) and how mindfulness can help us confront the roots of our pain and address it as opposed to treating the mere symptoms. Mindfulness is an antidote for uncertainty. Buddhism teaches us to find the lightness of being “bearable,” and to rejoice in this lightness.

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