Lightness I, II & III were created in response to a pandemic invitational exhibition by Central Booking NYC Gallery for Net Gain: Experimenting with Geometric Folding, curated by Maddy Rosenberg and Sarah Stengle, resulting in a book. Materials such as recycled copper, India ink on altered Spanish bible pages are used as a metaphor for ephemerality, transmutation and purification. The words as hunger/hambre, plague/pestilencia,  mortality/mortandad,  earth/ierra and verses of ruin and devastation on earth/asolado have been left unredacted.

The geometric shapes pay a homage to the work of the late Lygia Clark.

Cárdenas process involves mindful rituals of repetition and flow, which suggest dichotomies of sacred and profane, East and West, lightness and weight, creating and erasing. Mindfulness is an antidote for uncertainty. Zen teaches us to find the lightness of being “bearable,” and to rejoice in this lightness.