PRESCRIPTIONS II: The antidote for despair, 2021-2022 is an accordion style artist’s book exploring mental health and the culture of overmedication.
Empty spaces in antidepressant tablets are filled with thoughts on Despair from Consolations by David Whyte. It is also part of a series of objects and installations using empty antidepressant strips.

HOME, 2020 is a foldable artist’s book/installation that resonates with the global narratives of woman, earth, pandemic and loss of home. Materials include hemp, thread, India ink on altered Spanish Bible pages. The words woman/mujer, earth/tierra, hunger/hambre, plague/pestilencia, mortality/mortandad, and verses of ruin and devastation on earth/asolados has been left unredacted. The act of altering the bible suggests dichotomies of sacred and profane, East and West, lightness and weight, creating and erasing.  It is also a metaphor for ephemerality, transmutation and purification, while the mindful process is an antidote for uncertainty and a constant sense of dislocation.

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