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  • 66 Internationale Künstler an der Isar, Global Village Artist Netzwerk “Kunst im Dialog”, Germany, 2018-08-08.
  • Objectified 2018, catalog, CICA Museum, South Korea, 2018-01-26: “Her artistic practice straddles between disparate worlds: the big city of Houston, where she lives; her birthplace Ecuador; Sweden, where home is, and South Korea, where her spirit still is.”




  • Journal Pages: On Balance, Muine Magazine, article about my latest series and Solo Exhibition at Praum Gallery, Busan, S. Korea, 2015-04 (pages 445-446)
April 2015


  • BUSAN’S BUZZ: South Korea’s seaside town of Busan offers an inspiring mix of creativity and calm, Silverkryss, The Travel Magazine of Singapore Airlines,  by Hannah Stuart-Leach, Journal, page 66-76, 2014-10-14: “‘Swedish painter Gaby Berglund Cardenas came to Busan five years ago, and exhibits locally as well as internationally. She has watched the art scene shift. “Dalmaji Hill, known as Korea’s Montmartre, is still flooded with galleries, cafes, restaurants and culture but newly developed Marine City is where the business grows,” she says’  (page 71)
  • Latin American Art Fair kicks off, The Korea Times, Embassy Line, 2014-12-14
  • Gaby Cardenas, Bracket Magazine, article by Whit Altizer, Seoul, S. Korea, pages 32-33,Sep. 2014: “In a way her art feels like meditation. Her choice of colors, materials and the subject have a meditative quality that forces you to focus on the work. They draw you into heavy issues with dreamlike scenes”
  • 부산에서 활동하는 미술가 스웨덴미술가 Gaby씨, A Journal Exploring the Frontiers of Monthly Magazine, article about my work, Issue 6, printed edition, pages 44-45, 2014. Printed copy available upon request.
  • On the morning news KNN 모닝와이드, 캐내네 – KNN TV visits my Solo Show “The Mind Will Always Be Free” at Soohohrom, min. 33:50, Busan, S. Korea, 2014-03-18
  • Guide to Busan’s 10 Must See Contemporary Art Galleries, The Culture Trip Magazine, by Marian Shek, mentions my relation with Soohohrom Gallery, Busan, 2014-03
  • The mind will always be free exhibition, Busan Haps Magazine, article, Issue 29, pages 14 and 30, S. Korea, winter 2014
  • Generations IX: The Red/Pink Show!, press release, 2014



  • Interview: Artist Gaby Berglund Cardenas, Busan Haps Magazine, 2012-08-16:  “I met Cardenas three years ago, when she had just arrived in Korea. It was her strong will and a desire for self-realization as an artist – which, it turned out, she carried from childhood – that impressed me the most. Today, after more than a dozen exhibitions in Korea and abroad (recently in New Caledonia and Japan), two upcoming solo exhibitions in 2012, as well as her participation in the Busan Biennale this autumn, Cardenas “the artist” has truly arrived.”
  • Tree of Life Exhibition in Haeundae, Busan Haps Magazine, printed edition, issue 20, page12, 2012:  ‘”Tree of Life” was born after a trip to Vietnam and Cambodia. This new series highlights her concern for “the destruction of trees and cultural genocide that still affects us today”.
  • Busan Biennale 2012, Busan Haps Magazine, 2012-09-05
  • Sissa Magazine, about my exhibition at Gallery Mare, as part of the Gallery Festival of Busan Biennale 2012, S. Korea, Autumn 2012


Noblesse Magazine 4, April 2011
  • Noblesse Magazine, about my contribution to the annual charity art auction and exhibition at Lee & Bae Gallery, Busan, S. Korea, printed edition nr. 6, 2011
Gaby featured in Noblesse Magazine 6, June 2011