2015-2019 The Quiet Thread

“While studying Buddhist philosophy in Asia, Cárdenas started creating lengthy handwritten calligraphy scrolls (hundreds of meters long) as part of her meditative practice. She soon started transforming objects and making installations with the scrolls. It was the morning ritual after long walks in the forest in Busan and the repetitive process involving writing, sewing and assemblage – similar to saying a mantra or a prayer – that gave birth to this series: “The Quiet Thread”.

The Quiet Thread was curated by Sabine Casparie and it consists of scrolls, artists’ books, sculptures and installations exploring the role that art can play in bringing to light the power of “mindfulness”. Cárdenas uses Nepalese paper, Japanese ink, thread and Swedish antique sewing and weaving tools that she collected in her trips between 2014 and 2018.”

(Extract from the press release by the Carl Jung Center, Houston, TX, Feb. 2019)