Korean publication writes about my work and the art scene in Busan

A Korean friend translated the article for me. They talk about the growing art market in Busan, South Korea and how some of us foreign artists have contributed to that growth. They also mention the success of one the biggest shows of the year, Busan Art Show 2014, where I was lucky to be part of. There’s talk about my background, family and why I like living in Busan and its friendly, welcoming people.

I was pleased to read the critic of Mrs. Myeong-seo Lee, Director and Curator of Soohohrom Busan Gallery, whom hosted my latest solo shows: ‘The Mind Will Always Be Free’ and ‘Mother’s Room’. Her words are warm and flattering as she describes me as:

‘An artist who focuses on feminist and women’s issues, creating original art using varied media while working independently from local trends’.

Those words mean so much to me as the main goal I strive for, as an artist, is to stay true to myself, which in today’s world can be a real challenge.

June 2014, South Korea

June 2014, South Korea

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