Will be in Alkmaar, Netherlands! (Mar.20-Ap.19)

When Dutch Curator Jeroen Van Paassen invited me to be part of “Voyage, Voyage: The Artist As Nomad” I was excited about the theme. The piece I contributed with is “No Mind” (installation/book of woodcut and calligraphy) which deals with the struggle during the practice of meditation or mindfulness, philosophy which I became interested and have been studying since I moved to Asia. I thought it was appropriate this show, as explained below:



“Voyage Voyage – the artist as a modern nomad
After the 2nd World War, making travel far become commonplace, even for artists. They travel to the end of the world to be inspired by distant horizons, follow artist-in -residence programs in several countries or emigrate to new home countries. How are all these contacts with other cultures reflected in contemporary art ? Can one speak of multicultural art?”

No Mind (Book/Installation)

                                                   No Mind (Book/Installation)


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