Last exhibition of 2019 and reflections of the year.

I visited Alkmaar, NL (about 25 km north of Amsterdam) to participate in 100% FEMALE at the Grand Church of Alkmaar (Oct.24-27), a breathtaking Gothic building dating back to the 10th century. I must confess it had been a secret dream to exhibit my work at a church due to its architecture, history and aesthetic appeal.

It was a great experience meeting the Curator, Jeroen Van Paassen, with whom I have been working with since 2015, at different venues and countries. It was also amazing to meet many of the 100 participating artists, from all corners of the globe, and to share experiences and perspectives. I had exhibited together with some of the artists throughout the last years, without meeting personally. It was an honor to exhibit together with California based artist Clare Hebert, who was my oil painting teacher more than 10 years ago in Gothenburg.

The international exhibition “100% FEMALE” aimed to correct the stereotypical representation of women. Curator Jeroen Van Paassen, told RODI newspaper reporter “In the past 10 years I have met many female artists during the organization of international exhibitions. I have been impressed by their strength, militancy and creativity. How these women manage to evade the position in which they are forced by their environment is admirable and above all inspiring.” (2019-10-16)

The 4-day-exhibition-program included a fantastic opening party, music, performances and a political debate, organized by Stichting White Cube. There was good local press coverage, a video on YouTube and a Facebook page with multiple albums and statements from the artists.

Upon return to Sweden I got a letter stating I was accepted by Gothenburg University to study Global Gender Studies, which was another dream (goal) of mine. Overall 2019 have been a great year with many changes, moving back to Sweden from USA in July after 10 amazing years in Busan, South Korea and Houston, Texas. Sweden represents now many new challenges but also new opportunities, dreams and journeys. So many things to be grateful for!

100% VROUW (100% FEMALE)
24 – 27 October 2019
Grand or St. Laurens Church Alkmaar, Alkmaar, Netherlands

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