Audio Tour 2019, New York, Connecticut

Click above to hear about my book exhibited at “Free Formats: The book reconsidered”, an international travelling show in Connecticut and New York between March and Sep. of 2019. Curators Chris Perry and Alice Walsh

As with any curated exhibition, what the curators selected and how they selected it is often only revealed either through their catalog writings or talks they give. Because they are not often in the gallery when most viewers are, it is up to the viewers to come to their own conclusions about the work on display.
The viewers are also frequently in the dark about what the artist has to say about where they are coming from, where they hope to go, and how they are getting there.
With this in mind, the curators Chris Perry and Alice Walsh asked the artists of Freed Formats: The Book Reconsidered (March-September 2019, New York, Connecticut) to respond to a scripted list of questions, the answers were then recorded, and the resulting audio files are here for the viewer to listen to, either while they are in the gallery, or later at their leisure.
Select the artist file and click on the small arrow on the left to hear what the artist has to say.

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