Bristol Artist’s Book Event at Arnolfini, UK

“We’re delighted to bring the Bristol Artists Book Event (BABE) back to Arnolfini. Due to ongoing Covid restrictions, it won’t be quite the same sort of big, crowded book fair that we’re used to but we are still able to bring you work by over 160 book artists and small publishers from around the world, online over the weekend.

Ranging from recorded talks from Australia to Mexico about international collections and exhibitions, through documentation of printing processes, to book-based performances and experimental short films, this is an amazing set of creative responses to what ‘digitising a book’, or ‘online reading’ might mean.

The films are available to view here from the 16 April 2021.” (Extract from the press release)

Hyphae, my performance/video in collaboration with Bev Hayes and behind the scenes will be included.

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