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Included in Latino Cartographies in Houston, Texas

Curated by the Center for Mexican American Studies at the University of Houston, Latino cARTographies is an interactive and portable digital experience that displays the work of more than 180 Latino visual and performing artists from around the Houston area. With just a swipe of a finger, users can navigate a 75-inch interactive and bilingual wall mounted display board that features 2,000 pieces of art, 17 art organizations, and 80 local landmarks that all speak to the importance of Houston’s Latino history. Told through narrative text, images, videos, maps, music, and QR codes, users can scroll through Houston’s many diverse neighborhoods while reading about a piece of art and its artist on a pop-up screen.

Excerpt from an article in Houstonia Magazine, Houston, Texas, 2022-11-23
Unveiling ceremony. 2022-09-29, Houston, Texas.

This is the press release published by the University of Houston Center for Mexican American and Latino/a Studies. There is also information about past and upcoming events exhibiting the Latino Cartographies.