Next stop is Enschede, Netherlands with “Voyage, Voyage”

Our travelling exhibit “Voyage, voyage” will be at Tankstation in Enschede, Netherlands this summer July 7-31. The exhibit started in Alkmaar earlier this year and will end in Germany at the end of 2015. Our curator: Jeroen van Paassen’s thoughts around the theme Voyage Voyage – the artist as a modern nomad:

“After the 2nd World War, making travel far become commonplace, even for artists. They travel to the end of the world to be inspired by distant horizons, follow artist-in -residence programs in several countries or emigrate to new home countries. How are all these contacts with other cultures reflected in contemporary art ? Can one speak of multicultural art?”

No Mind, woodcut and calligraphy, 2015

No Mind, woodcut and calligraphy, 2015


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