Recently in Skopje, Macedonia

Recently I was invited by a wonderful Curator: Jeroen van Paassen to participate with a group of Dutch Artists in Paratissima Skopje 2015 an international contemporary art fair that started in 2004 in Turin, Italy with the aim of hosting and promoting artists and creative workers in a context detached from the institutional and elite art scene and giving emerging talents an opportunity to surface and grow.

This year, the second edition of Paratissima Skopje was held from 12–14 June in the Youth Cultural Center, Skopje despite de fragility of the country’s political situation. Wonderful photos can be seen on their FB page or click here for my own photos.

Our stand at Paratissima Skopje 2015

Our stand at Paratissima Skopje 2015: with Cora de Lang, Norbert Wille, Evelien de Jong,  Teppo Korte and Gaby Berglund Cardenas (in no particular order).

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