Artists’ books as an alternative kind of “Prescription”

“Intimate and cathartic” refers to both: the process of making a book and the process of reading. Book as an object encourages intimate interaction between the maker and the object, the object and the reader. Art as an activity veers towards the cathartic experiences between the artist and the object; the object and the viewer. Adding to that a medical context, results Medical Humanities and an approach, which considers artist’s books as a tool to aid healing and facilitate communication between doctors and patients.”

“I was honoured to co-curate Prescriptions exhibition, which is now open until August 14 at Beaney House of Art and Knowledge, Canterbury. The exhibition is part of Artists’ Books and Medical Humanities project by the University of Kent’s School of English.”  Excerpt from our Curator Egidija Čiricaitė’s beautiful blog piece. A must read!

Photos of the private view day can be seen here. For the online catalog please click here.


“No Mind” spool book is now part of Artists’ Books and the Medical Humanities project by the University of Kent.



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