“Voyage, voyage” last stop was Germany but will it be the last stop for these artists?

Certainly not! This travelling exhibition about the artist as nomad did a final stop in Atelierhausen in Aachen, Germany where it opened up with a wonderful party including performance and installations. Photos can be seen here. The international artists chosen for this show have experienced many journeys and will probably continue moving and retelling their stories, changing their perspectives as they mature and evolve. Perhaps that’s the beauty of not committing to just one place and allowing yourself to see the world from different angles: Amira Al-Sharif, Gaby Berglund Cardenas, Milene Evers, Cora de Lang, Teppo Korte, A+B, Pernille Londstrup, Wolfgang in der Wiesche & Kyongju Park, Marie-Josée Comello, Sonja Mischor, Gerhard Gunter and Hella Frowein-Hagenah. Very grateful to be part of this project curated by Jeroen Van Paassen and running until May 15th.




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