New books at Edward Hopper Art Center in NY

A form of meditation and a powerful part of healing, the physical act of making my artist’ books allowed me to express emotions that words alone are often unable to communicate. The fragility of their paper and materials remind us of the fragility of the human mind. The words “no mind” (emptying your mind) and the empty medicine blisters where the scrolls are mounted are a contrast and an antidote to today’s age of worrying too much about achieving and meeting the expectations that others place on us. Finally as the Cuban poet Rafael Campo tells us “Through certain books, a truth unfolds”.

The 3 artist’s books are part of a series on progress of 15 scrolls of ink calligraphy on Nepalese paper carrying the words “No mind” (part of the concept of mindfulness), mounted on medicine blister strips, between 100 and 300 cm. long when open and about 5 x 9 cm when folded.

Last Saturday opened “Small Matters of Great Importance”: small works on paper that make big statements, curated by Carole Perry and juried by Michelle Donelly, Fellow Curator of the Whitney Museum. Here on this album from the museum are photos of the opening and my works displayed on top of the fireplace.  If you are in the area, please stop by!


“No Mind V”, Artist’s book, ink calligraphy on Nepalese paper, mounted on medicine blister strips, 274 cm. long, 2016. Part of a series of 15 books, on progress.

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